About Us



NSS IIT Delhi is the IIT Delhi chapter of the National Service Scheme, institutionalized under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India. Our sole aim is to motivate students at IITD to indulge in nation building activities through various events and projects which are aimed towards the benefit of people in and around IIT Delhi. We share the belief that such activities are almost always means of great satisfaction and joy.


NSS IITD is mentored and headed by our Coordinator, Dr. Rajesh Prasad. He is supported by two other faculty advisors Dr. Sriram Hegde and Dr. M.R. Ravi. Among students, the team is lead by 2 General Secretaries, followed by 8 secretaries who are helped by 21 executives in the organization of various events and projects. The team is obviously incomplete without the volunteers (students) of IITD who make the events successful with their enthusiasm. Several other professors and alumni are associated with NSS IITD at various levels.

Nature Of Work:

NSS IITD has a volunteer base of around 2000 students belonging to various disciplines and degrees of IIT Delhi. We work on a diverse range of social issues including blood donation, teaching, environmental issues, etc. We also collaborate with several NGO’s in and around IIT Delhi on working on these issues. Here is a brief of our activities:

  • Teaching Projects:

Our volunteers are involved in direct teaching of street kids at Ber Sarai (a small locality in the neighborhood) in association with NGO Khoj, teaching of underprivileged kids at IIT Delhi Central School in association with NGO Vidya, skill development for youth in association with NGO Ank. Besides these, our team also runs a teaching project at Mehrauli gate. These projects directly benefit about 100 kids and several youngsters in skill development. Our volunteers also work with National Association for Blind (NAB) in several spheres of work like helping the students to write examinations, preparing vocal learning modules etc.

  • Blood Connect:

Blood Connect is an ambitious IITD project launched with an aim to remove the concept of replacement donors through regular voluntary blood donations. It is slowly expanding its network and has already conducted Blood Donation Camps in several colleges in Delhi which include Sri Venkateswara College, Bhagini Nivedita College, Jesus and Mary College, LSR. IIT Delhi also has about 1500 donations every year and the number is steadily rising. For more details, visit www.bloodconnect.org

  • Lectures and Movie Screenings:

In order to increase awareness about several social issues among the student community we conduct periodic lectures by eminent personalities working in the diverse social areas. With the same aim in mind, we also organize screenings of movies based on social themes. We have had speakers like Arvind Kejriwal (Co Author of Right to Information Act), Nutan Manmohan (Documentary film maker), Anupam Mishra and many more at IIT Delhi.

  • Internships:

We organize ground level internships during winter and summer vacations for students with different NGO’s like Pravah, Hazard Centre, Milaan, Sweecha, Seva Mandir etc. These internships have seen a great response from IIT Delhi student community and provided a great learning experience for the participants.

  • Drives and Workshops:

We conduct several cloth collection drives (with Goonj), cleanliness drives, tree plantation drive, nature walks throughout the year. Besides, workshops on several themes like AIDS awareness, self defence, Right to Information etc are also organized.

  • Projects:

We encourage students to do projects related to environmental sustainability of the campus. They include Need for Rain Water Harvesting Infrastructure expansion, Water Saving measures in the hostels, Greener Transportation through electric rickshaws, Introduction of the waste management systems like Roli Poli, etc. Recently we have also won Great Power Race, an international race for greener campus globally and received a Solar Plant set up as prize.

We have collaborations with several NGO’s in different fields of volunteering. The list includes Pravah, Hazard centre, Goonj, Khoj, Arushi, Ank, Vidya, Saksham, National Association for Blind, Jamghat, Friends Organisation and still expanding.

Contact us:

E-mail us at: nssinbox@gmail.com