Collaboration Policy

Collaboration Policy

Nature of Work:The involvement of NSS IIT Delhi is spread across various domains involving education sector (which involves teaching as well as extra-curricular activities), health sector, environment sector, women empowerment, Socio - Tech Projects (Social - Innovation Cell), volunteering with the various NGOs and other miscellaneous activities (various internship opportunities, etc.). Volunteering activities as well as sensitization and awareness events are organized within IIT Delhi for the students and faculties in these domains.

If any NGOs want to collaborate with NSS IIT Delhi in the above mentioned domains or any other social dimension, then the following steps need to be followed:

  • For a volunteering activity:
    ○ NGOs can write to the General Secretaries regarding any volunteering opportunity at
    ○ The mail should contain the following details - type of volunteering activity that will be provided by the NGO, duration of the volunteering details, and the details of the NGO.
    ○ A meeting between the NGO and the NSS team may be scheduled subsequently to finalize the details of the volunteering.
    ○ The NSS team may send few volunteers first on a test basis to reaffirm the nature and quality of the volunteering, before making a final call on whether to continue with the volunteering in full swing.
  • For an event:
    ○ NGOs can write to us at
    ○ The mail sent should bear the following details - details of the event, motivation behind the event, preferable date and time of the event and other information about the event (guest profile, misc needs etc. if any).
    ○ The event will be finalised after the consensus from the NSS team (NGOs may need to meet the NSS IIT Delhi team before arriving at a final decision).
  • For any kind of internships:
    ○ NGOs can write to us at
    ○ The mail should bear the following details - nature of internship, place of internship, duration, how to apply for the internship, and deadline to apply for the same.

Note: We differentiate between internships and volunteering.

Volunteering refers to activities that are done over normally a larger period of time with specific involvement on particular days. They involve work for fewer hours per day and only certain days per week. They are mostly done during the semester and are in Delhi. These also include activities like blood donation, working with and assisting NGOs and other such organizations.

Internships are activities that are done in the summer and winter vacations that involve greater involvement and continuous involvement for a period of 2-6 weeks. They involve work for greater hours per day and throughout the week.