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Kaizen, the annual social festival of NSS IIT Delhi is a platform to recognize the continuous improvements in our society initiated and accelerated by the combined efforts of all socially motivated student bodies and NGOs across India and abroad.
Interaction and opinion sharing is the prime focal point of Kaizen. It aims at providing a single platform for exchange of a plethora of ideologies, stories & experiences of people who stood up against the tides and sailed through them, so that any idea or solution implemented at one place can also become success model for others.

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Guests Education

Professor (Mrs.) Rajani Paranjpe founded the Doorstep School out of a passion for children and education. As a professional social worker, she realized that education was the single most important factor that could bring about a change in the underprivileged groups of our society. The Doorstep School has today become a 750+ member strong organization which serves more than 30,000 underprivileged children at construction sites and urban slum communities.

Prof. Rajani Paranjpe

Founder, Doorstep School

Kumar Subham is a Director at Vision India Foundation. He holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from IIT Delhi and Masters in Public Administration. Vision India Foundation is a modern nation-building movement which identifies, mentors and prepares the brightest youth of the country and provide them avenues of nation-building. Their mission is to bring systemic reforms in India which aligns with the nation’s aspirations and ethos. For this, they groom bright and passionate young minds for future leadership of the nation.

Kumar Subham

Director, Vision India Foundation

Dilruba Kalsi is the Executive Director at VIDYA, a non-profit NGO. It a charitable organization that specializes in the education and empowerment of less-privileged children, youth and women through working with them at an individual level. Its nationally-recognized programmes include schools, remedial education, computer training, adult literacy, skills training, microfinance and social entrepreneurship.

Dilruba Kalsi

Executive Director, VIDYA

Mr. Ghoshal's Prayas, through its inclusive self sustainable and integrated community-based model, encompasses components of education, vocational training, livelihood promotion, and Microfinance, Self Help Group (SHG’s), Economic Empowerment for Youth and Women, leading to financial inclusion which creates opportunities for the marginalized and deprived section of population to lead a decent life. The holistic and integrated approach makes Prayas model quite innovative.

Vishwajeet Ghoshal

Director, Prayas JAC Society

Social CONVENTION | 1st March

Social Convention is the Flagship event of KAIZEN 2020. It provides an innovative platform for organizations working in social sector to present their work to potential investors such as CSR as well as to several students and student bodies (such as NSS) of colleges across India who would love to collaborate with such organizations (NGOs, Social Startups etc.) to make the World a Better Place !
Attend the event :

Workshops 29th February and 1st March

Kaizen'20 brings you some wonderful and interactive workshops in different social domains. These involved one-to-one interaction and activities covering a wide range of areas such as entrepreneurship, self-awareness, effective giving and sustainable development.

About the Workshop:
Each one of us has a unique ability to make a difference in our everyday environment. The two hour workshop introduces participants to lead change with compassion and leverage it as a tool for social impact.
The participants learn to integrate their inherent ability to activate social change with empathy, observations and social experiences through a step by step human centered approach. At the end of the workshop, participants discuss innovations that emerged through this process and present solutions in groups.

Date: 1st March 2020 (Sunday)
Venue: LHC, IIT Delhi
Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

We have a limited capacity of 50 volunteers for the workshop. So, Register soon and we will be shortlisting based on the form response.

Design Workshop

Link to Form : Click here to register, More info

NSS IIT Delhi and Kaizen'20 in collaboration with UN Volunteers is conducting workshop on “Youth Empowerment through Volunteering & localizing SDGs".

Date: 29th Feb 2020.

Venue: LHC, IIT Delhi

Time: 1pm-5pm

We have a limited capacity for the workshop. So, Register soon and we will be shortlisting based on the form response.

V-Hive session

Link to Form : Click here to register

Humane Society International-India is world's largest animal welfare organization. It works to improve human-animal bond, advocacy, disaster management, workshops/sessions in schools and colleges, etc.
We believe no one have the right to tell anyone what to eat and what not. So, for that we have 3R policy i.e., Reduce, Refine and Replace.
We make people aware about the cruelty animals are facing just for the sake of our taste buds. Animals are kept in confined places for their entire lives to fullfil our demand of animal products.
Making people aware about the cons of using animal products and pros of avoiding them from their lives is the only way to make a difference.

Date: 29th February 2020 (Saturday)
Venue: LHC, IIT Delhi
Time: 1:00 PM onwards

Animal Cruelty and Ecosustanance

Guest Lecture

Attend the event :


Kaizen'20 is organizing a bunch of competitions and informal events with exciting cash prizes and other awards.
The major highlights are:

Innovate for Elderly Social Innovation Challenge 2.0

Our generation is slowly drifting away from love and affection of the older generation due to their changing lifestyle where they are leading a busy and digitally oriented life. So, lets ideate by utilizing our creative side in order to help our elderly.
Win exciting prizes worth 20k and more!!

Social isolation among the elderly and lack/difficulty of providing services to the elderly. For example, the older segment of the population faces hindrance in performing daily activities due to age-related physical issues which impede participation in social life and have negative health consequences. There can be some very basic innovations in tech or policy to make their life easier by increasing accessibility to perform day to day activities and at public spaces.

Creative Writing Competition Pen Down

Are you a procrastinator and like to think up stories in free time? Do you like writing your feelings down?
Do you ever feel the itch to relay your thoughts through your writing? Well, we got a competition lined just for you guys.
Kaizen'20 presents to you "Pen Down", a creative writing competition. The theme of the competition is "Feelings are not facts, mental health, emotional well being".
Total prizes worth 5k INR

Mental Health :
Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic. All you have to do is write one true sentence. The truest one. An incessant quest for being noble and unequivocal, a longing to create something of value. An artist’s heart and spirit breathe in each one of you.
Come on all, and share your heart out. The words written upon a page bestows a portal into the life of a writer. Whether the words are jotted down with a pen or typed on a screen, the efflux of the writer's prowess can be felt only when the scholar seize.
Making the first move, take a leap of blind faith, release your inner makings to the world, for all to see. With this note, we bring you Pen Down and encourage you to take your first move and let the world know of the wordsmith stuffed in you.
Theme: Feeling are not facts, mental health, emotional well being

Ideate . Innovate . Implement Think Tank

Kaizen'20 and Green Warriors present to you Think Tank, a case study competition. The competition allows you to come up with solution to environmental and ecological problems and help in changing that situation.
The problem you will be working on concerns micro plastics and you would be tasked with finding a solution to that. The competition will be held in 2 rounds - an online round and an on site presentation of the idea in IITD during Kaizen'20. Further details about the competition are given in the linked doc.
Win exciting prizes worth 10k!!

Plastic-A big menace:
The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham, stated that "Even if we all stopped using plastic right now, there would still be decades, if not centuries-worth of plastics being washed down rivers and into our seas.” Most of the plastic waste generated ends up in the oceans and other water bodies, threatening aquatic wildlife. There have been some innovative solutions provided by school students in capturing microplastics.
Provide a detailed and complete analysis as well as relevant solution to deal with both primary microplastics, such as microbeads used in cosmetics and secondary microplastics -- from larger plastic items that have broken down in the environment or fibres from clothing.

Ideate . Compose . Perform Slam Poetry

"We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out."
~ Winston Churchill

As the wintry landscape gets overtaken by the sun's warmth, we give you the space to come, share your stories with the world because not every hero wears a mask. Some heroes protect us in the simplest of ways by just being there for us, or believing in us.

NSS IIT Delhi in association with Literary Club, IIT Delhi presents a one of a kind Poetry Slam event on 29th February, starting at 5pm at LHC, IIT Delhi.

Your thoughts are truly yours and some people are more than willing to listen to your Acts of kindness. We invite you to come and be a part of Kaizen'2020 - the annual social fest of IIT Delhi to enjoy the literary side of the heroes hidden among us.

Win exciting prizes worth 10k!!

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When is all this happening ? SCHEDULE

  • Prof. Samrat Mukhopadhyay (NSS IITD Co-ordinator)

Opinion matters What people say

Madhavi Sharma

Food4Thought Foundation

Thank you so much entire team of Kaizen-IIT Delhi for Society to invite Food4thoughtfoundation in Convention and helped us to share our views on this platform. Looking forward for such more events

Khushiyan - Connecting Helping Hands


Thanks Kaizen - IIT Delhi for Society for inviting our team in the event !! it was a great opportunity for us to interact with visitors and with other NGOs. Thanks for organizing it successfully and spreading the spirit of volunteering! #SpreadKhushiyan

Karan Shukla

Student, Sri Aurobindo College (eve)

Thank you so much NSS IIT Delhi Team for inviting us to this wonderful event - KAIZEN '17.

Vaibhav Garg

B.Tech & M.Tech, IIT Delhi (Working at Goldman Sachs)

Being a part of Kaizen IIT Delhi provided a platform to many people and NGOS to enlarge their outreach by outrightly inspiring and awesome which might not have been known by many people. It gave me a sense of motivation and inspiration, how many people are thinking to solve complex societal issues.


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