Social Innovation Cell (SIC)

Games for the Visually Impaired:

There exist serious scarcity of modes of entertainment in a life of visually impaired. We have identified that the privilege to play games and have fun is limited to few. In order to carter this we conceptualised our project Games for the Visually Impaired.

We are working to design craft based games ranging from board games like Checkers, Puzzles and Chinese checkers to cube games like soma cube etc. Along with this we are also working to develop computer based games like 2048, music tutor etc

These games have got very positive feedback from users and was successful to bring smiles on their faces and inoculate in the factor of fun in their lives. Next we are focusing to develop more of such games and expansion of our outreach to various projects.

Science Experiments for the Visually Impaired:

Visually impaired students are unable to perform various science experiments owing to unavailability of proper accessible instruments and lack of alternative activities and thereby these students refrain from opting science as a career.

We are working to develop various assistive technologies like colour sensor, talking water level sensor to make these experiments accessible for the blinds. Along with this we are also working to make exhaustive list of all experiments and their alternative counterpart to make the art of science available for all.

We are currently at second prototype stage of colour sensor and designing stage of talking water level sensor.

Tactile Sensor Project

Visually Impaired Gems are unable to identify how we look when we are smiling or when we are sad. We at NSS are working to develop tactile based models made up of clay, newspaper, aluminium foil, etc to assist them in recognising our facial expressions. Various models have been developed and undergone successful tests at multiple blind schools. This projects aims at empowering them and is based on the concept on universal design and teaching module.

Next we will be working on mass production using silicon and rubber based mould and cost reduction.

Liter of Light Project

Slums are very densely populated and have very tightly packed homes, as a result the houses don't receive sun light ben during day time. This leads to using electric/kerosene based lighting even during day time. We have developed various model of solar bulbs using PET bottle filled with belch. These bulbs work on basic dispersion principle. and provide day light solution with zero running cost and minimalistic installation cost.

We have successfully implemented our pilot project in munirka slums. Now we are in R&D phase to improvise the efficiency and life of the solar light bulbs and aspire to start the expansion stage soon.