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Know Your Rights

Let's start with the basic details.

About Know Your Rights :
We aim to make people in slum areas aware about the various government schemes for their benefit. We already selected some government schemes for them based on a survey done earlier in this year. 

Details about internship.

Know Your Rights Project is floating two internships:
  1. Field Internship
    • Convey the benefits of the different schemes to people through policy camps by interactive talks and posters.
    • Pitching for the camp in respective slum area to gather people.
    • Guide them about the procedure to apply for a scheme.
  2. Web Development Internship
    • Construction of a website cum app for government policy and scheme presentation and application procedure for the benefit of people having low socio-economic conditions. The website content is already collected and the main work will be designing and maintaining the website. Preference is for experience with HTML and CSS. The project is Know Your Rights and the website will be have to be bilingual.

Hours Policy & Contact.

Duration : 26th November to 16th December, 2018
Location: Slum areas from the list

Registration Deadline: November 20 2018, 11:59 PM

1. It is required that you are present for the complete duration of the Internship.
2. Bulk hours policy would be followed for the internship.

+91-95218 57527
+91-94176 74089