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Science Seeds Design Internship

Let's start with the basic details.

About Science Seeds :
Science Seeds is a project in which we make and then demonstrate scientific models and simple projects to the students studying under different projects of NSS like Aarohan, Vidya etc. The main aim being to inculcate practical knowledge in these students as well as to increase their interest in science.

Details about internship.

This internship will help you enhance and test your innovation and designing qualities.

Role of Intern :
1. Your role will be to think of some projects that may come handy in such areas and help them at a basic level of requirement.
2. In the next phase you will have to build the designed prototype with the most basic raw material possible.
3. We'll make 2-3 teams of 3-4 people each
4. Each team will make 2 simple projects/models in a total time of 15 days for completion of internship.

Duration : 1st December to 15th December
Location : IIT Delhi

Duration, Hours Policy & Contact

Duration : 1st December to 15th December
Location : IIT Delhi

Registration Deadline : November 20, 2018, 11:59 PM

1. You may find videos for our previous work here.
2. It is required that you are present for the complete duration of the Internship.
3. Bulk hours policy would be followed for the internship.
4. In case no models are produced or interns leave in between, penalty of hours may be imposed.

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+91-90249 90841